Top Creatives – Q2 2019

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase conversions, switching up your creatives may be just the ticket. Check out the highest performing creatives we have. While you’re at it, follow the link below to find all the new niche banners and landing pages on our Banner Farm!


You may use the links below to begin promoting. (Replace the “gxxxx-pct” with your gpid or pid)


AFF Desktop Landing Page

Young Girl Single 17 Step by Step

Full Page HTML5 Improvements – Chat Focus

Sex Offer Moasaic Style Unbranded

Gallery Lander 01 PG

Warning Style LP 198


AFF Mobile Landing Page


Adult Sex Personal Style Jump


Mobile – Step by Step version 2


PG Fall/Winter Match Truly Style


Single 17 Threesome (PG-Group)



Old Style MILF LP


New AFF Landing Page

Every day is  MILF’s Day LP 318

Look a Dat Pink Style Unbranded LP 304

PG High Contrast Version 1


PG High Contrast Version 2

PG High Contract Version 3

Gay Adult Warning Style LP 311

Gay Adult Dark/Light Style LP 313

Gay Adult Dark/Light Style LP 315


CAMS Desktop Landing Page

Standard site cover


Top 21 Model Chat Roon Stream


Cams Layout Style

Cams Left-side Categories Mosiac


CAMS Mobile Landing Page

Cams Layout Style


Standard site cover


NFS Reg Page Responsive v2

Top 21 Model Chat Room Stream

New CAMS Landing Page

Cams Style Video Mosaic

Cams Modified Top Model Branded LP 316

Cams Live Stream Top Model Branded